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Repertoire & music clips


Below are listed many of the tunes played by the band. We are always learning new tunes and sets to add to our parades or performances. Sound clips and more video clips will be available soon.

Parade set
Scotland the Brave (4/4 march)
42nd Highlanders (2/4 march)
Highland Laddie (2/4 march)

Parade set
Mari's Wedding (2/4 march)
Murdo's Wedding (4/4 march)
Wings (4/4 march)
Brown-Haired Maiden (2/4 march)

Parade set
Teribus (2/4 march)
Corriechoillie (2/4 march)
Jenny's Bawbee (2/4 march)

Parade set
Green Hills of Tyrol (3/4 march)
When the Battle's O'er (3/4 march)
Castle Dangerous (3/4 march)

Parade set
Wi' a Hundred Pipers (6/8 march)
Bonny Dundee (6/8 march)
The Mucking of Geordie's Byre (6/8 march)

Parade set
Wearin O' the Green (4/4 march)
Minstrel Boy (4/4 march)
Kelly the Boy from Killane (4/4 march)
Roddy McCorley (4/4 march)

Performance set
Campelltown Kiltie Ball (strathspey)
O'er the Bows to Ballindalloch (strathspey)

Performance set
Andy's Lullaby (2/4 march)
Jiggles (2/4 march)

Performance set
Cockney Jocks (4/4 march)
The Bonny Lass O'Fyvie (4/4 march)
The One on the Left (4/4 march)

Performance set
The Battle of the Somme (9/8 dance)
The Heights of Dargai (9/8 dance)

Performance set
Bill Sullivan's March (reel)
Bog Down the Valley-O (reel)
The Rakes of Mallow (reel)

Individual tunes
Amazing Grace (slow aire)
Highland Cathedral (slow aire)
Going Home (slow aire)
Bonny Mary (6/8 march)
Atholl Highlanders (6/8 march)
Angus MacKinnon (6/8 march)
Cork Hill (jig)
The House Under the Hill (jig)
The Glasgow City Police Pipers (jig)


Video clips



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"What is the piper playing
  that battles in my blood?--
	    winds in it,
			waves in it,
  waters at the flood;
	    sadness in it,
			madness in it,
  weeping mists and rain--
what is the piper playing
  that beats within my brain?"

--Lt. Joseph Lee, quoted in Pipes of War by Sir Bruce Seton and PM John grant